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Petri Saari continues the family company’s traditions

We are a traditional carpentry workshop where rocking chairs are made using traditional carpentry out of carefully selected raw materials. We do all the work phases ourselves, so our site contains the factory as well as a plank storage, wood dryer and a heating plant.

Originally, the workshop was built in the old Kokko school. Since then, the halls have been extended in every direction and now Petri Saari and his family reside in the other end of the school.

Rocking chairs are inherited through the Saari family

The workshop was started by Olavi Saari after he had returned home from the war, in 1947. His son Seppo Saari also got interested in wood processing and started making rocking chairs in the old Kokko school. The first Urjala runner rockers were sold to furniture stores in 1975.

Petri Saari grew up next to the workshop and also wanted to continue his father’s and grandfather’s tradition. In 2004, the ownership of Urjalan Keinukaluste changed hands, but the products and production have remained traditional.

During the years, Petri has developed the machinery and invested in product development. Solutions suitable for modern homes are now built next to the traditional rocking chairs. The purpose of the company is to manufacture high-quality products and simultaneously encourage other companies in the field to aim at the same result.