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  • Urjalan Keinukaluste
  • Urjalan Keinukaluste

Our rocking chairs are made out of totally domestic raw materials

We are located by the lake Kokkojärvi in the beautiful countryside. We make our rocking chairs with high quality, without forgetting the environment. Taking care of the environment is an important issue to us because of our own comfort as well as for our production.

Raw materials from nearby areas

We buy the raw material, mostly birch wood, from forest owners in the neighbouring area. Most of our birch logs come from thinning logging and a majority of the wood comes from certified forests. We are also a part of the forest development and forestry in the neighbouring area, so that we can ensure availability of high-quality birch wood in the future as well.

For centuries, Finnish forests have produced beautiful and durable wood, so we want to contribute to domestic forestry.

Our operation is ecological

We pay attention to the ecological aspects during wood processing as well as in the vicinity of the factory. Our work does not produce any kind of harmful emissions into nature or bodies of water, and we also do not produce noise in the neighbourhood.

Heating energy out of wood waste

We utilise the sawdust and wood waste resulting from wood processing through dust pipes or a chopper to the heating plant where we use it as biofuel. We use this energy to heat the whole production plant as well as two houses.

We produce only little waste

We recycle all the metal waste resulting from surface-treating agents and all the cardboard from packing materials. We also deliver used batteries and other hazardous waste to the proper recycling centres.