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A rocking chair’s processing process – from a birch log to a rocking chair

We buy birch logs from forests in Urjala and the nearby areas. The logs are delivered to Keinukaluste, where we saw them into planks suitable for production. We dry the planks outside for 1-3 years, depending on their thickness and then we carry out mechanical drying for a couple of weeks.

The carefully dried lumber is brought from the dryer into the workshop where every length of wood has a place and a future form already as it arrives to be handled by the carpenters.

High-quality hand-made products

We manufacture the rocking chairs mostly by hand. Just the Urjala runner rocker seat requires tens of work phases that need to be carried out carefully, keeping in mind every detail.

The rocker production is made easier and faster by a CNC-operated milling machine and turning machine. Nevertheless, each part requires traditional wood processing tools and skilled hands.

We deliver throughout Finland

All our indoor use furniture is delivered already assembled. Balcony and terrace rocking chairs come in a packet half-assembled. We pack the rocking chairs in special packing boxes to keep them undamaged during transit.

Birches from Urjala and the nearby area travel as rocking chairs throughout Finland and sometimes even around the world to give enjoyment to their end users.