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Completely Finnish rocking chairs with quality from beginning till the end

The goal of our small family business is to continue the previous generations’ work for Finnish wood processing. When we invest in further processing of wood, we do a service to the whole country.

Our company invests in product quality, not quantity. Our principle is that each rocking chair that leaves Keinukaluste is a thoroughly produced individual. When the rocking chair is not mass-produced, it will last in your use for decades.

Behind it all lies Finnish birch, directly from nearby forests

We treasure quality during every production phase. We personally choose the birches to purchase from nearby forests so that we can guarantee the best quality for the rocking chair’s durability. We dry the wood carefully before we start working on the rocking chairs.

Craftsmanship has grown through years of hard work

Each one of our carpenters knows how to process wood and understands its characteristics. Certain parts of a rocking chair, for example the runners, armrests and curved shoulder board require special skill when processing solid wood. All the connections in our rocking chairs are genuine joinery fittings, for we don’t use drill pivot connections or plates in any phase.

Disposable culture is not for us

A rocking chair is usually a one-time purchase, inherited through generations. Our rocking chairs are sure to last from father to son, even to grandson.

Our upholstery is also produced sustainably. The fabrics and padding are carefully selected so that they will keep their shape for as long as possible. The carefully thought-out fastenings to the wooden body also extend the usage life of the upholsteries.

This is our lifestyle and honour

The professionals in our company are third-generation entrepreneurs. We have the honour to continue making rocking furniture with the same high quality previous generations have elevated it to.

Each of our rocking chairs is stamped with the manufacturing year and Keinukaluste logo.