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Care instructions

So that you could enjoy your rocking chair in the future as well, we give each product some simple care instructions.

Watch out for moisture and heat

Warm or moist objects should never be placed directly on a varnished or painted surface. The surfaces cannot withstand e.g. hot mugs or long-term moisture.

Clean with a moist cloth

A dirty varnished surface is easy to clean with a water-moistened cleaning cloth. If the surface is very dirty, mild, colourless detergent (no ammonia or abrasives) can be mixed in the water. The surface must always be carefully dried after cleaning.

Remove corrosive substances fast

Strongly staining or corrosive substances should be removed from the surface immediately: milk, alcohol and detergent.

No quick temperature changes

Furniture must not be exposed to rapid temperature changes. A piece of furniture bought in the winter should not be placed in the immediate vicinity of e.g. a radiator. The product must warm up in regular room temperature.

Protect outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture should be kept in a protected outside space. Outdoor furniture must not be kept in rain or left in the snow in winter.

It is good to take care of outdoor furniture’s oiled wood surfaces. Oil the surface with wood oil made for outdoor furniture a few times a year. However, do not oil too often to avoid making the surface sticky.

Avoid direct sunlight

Wood surfaces of all furniture change under the effect of light. It is not good to place indoor furniture in direct sunlight. The hues of new furniture may differ from those acquired earlier.