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The rocking chair has diverse health effects

Rocking in a rocking chair has many good health effects, for it e.g. helps with neck pains and is relaxing. If you want to keep your chair in excellent condition for as long as possible, also explore our care instructions.

Health effects

The rocking chair has for long been used to alleviate labour pains. Additionally, rocking can help with neck- and back illnesses. It is also known that people with heart diseases sometimes even sleep in the chair.

Helps with several ailments

The rocking chairs manufactured at our plant have also been used to improve health. We have made a sideways-rocking chair by a doctor’s order for a patient with a balance disorder, and the maternity ward and clinic of TAYS make use of the Urjala runner rocker and Karoliina spring rocker. Rocking in the chair helps women who are pregnant or have given birth to feel more at ease.

We also annually deliver rockers to retirement homes and assisted living buildings to be used as easy chairs and exercise equipment. According to studies, rocking increases activity in the abdominal muscles and impacts the muscles in the back and lower limbs, giving the cells vitality and increasing blood flow.

Rocking chairs are also good for those with respiratory diseases. The respiratory tracts relax during rocking and thus breathing becomes easier for e.g. asthmatics.