Frame colors and upholstery fabrics for rocking chairs

We finish our products ourselves with high quality, so that we can guarantee our customers only a high quality end result. We also manufacture the upholstery entirely in Finland and we prefer Annala fabrics in our fabric options. Of course, we customize the upholstery of our rocking chairs from our own fabric wishes. Ask for more!

Body colors

  • White Painted
  • Wood oils
  • Beech wood
  • Birch varnish
  • Brown stain
  • walnut
  • Custom colors: Tikkurila's Dicco Color stain map and interior paint feel color charts according to your choice. Additional price for subscription colors.

Fabric options

Vital Leaf 2006
2008 Vital Leaf
Vital Leaf 2013
Vital Plain 1006
Vital Plain 1008
Vital Plain 1013

Home swing

A more elegant model than the Urjala swing, which differs from the traditional 19th century model with the simplest lathe surfaces and a straight shoulder board. The home swing is made of deadlock like all other rocking products in the Rocking Furniture.

Making leg swings

One of the most characteristic features of traditional leg swings are the beautiful lathes that adorn the legs of the Urjala swing and the Home swing, the intermediate surfaces of the legs and the surfaces of the armrests. The chair-like and graceful Rebekka swing is the uncrowned queen of turned spokes, the number of spokes that can sometimes make even a more experienced lathe and assembler a wheel head.

Designed to be used

Each swing is unique and therefore requires precision and patience from the whole person. The seating comfort and aesthetics are enhanced by various curved parts, such as the back surfaces, the shoulder board, the armrests and the bench. Of these, the manufacture of the bench, in particular, is a multi-stage process that includes sawing, gluing and sanding — sometimes blood, sweat and tears. As a natural material, wood sometimes behaves unpredictably, so the assembly phase requires cold nerves. Also, the legs require special skills so that they swing and hold well.

The final touch

The surface handler gives the swings the finishing touch. We use high-quality surface treatment materials and recycle the metal waste that results from them. In darker colors, the swing is stained, and then the base is varnished. In lighter colors, the stain is mixed directly with the base varnish. After the base varnish or paint has dried, an intermediate sanding is performed, in which the upright wood chips are sanded flat. Finally, the swing receives another layer of surface varnish or paint.


Finally, at the request of the customer, upholstery can be attached to the swing. We make the upholstery as a domestic subcontracting job and attach them to the swing in the workshop. Finally, the year number and brand are hammered on the bottom, and the swing is ready to be sent to the customer. Our carefully crafted swings are the result of solid craftsmanship, consideration of the environment and appreciation of Finnish expertise.

It is a matter of honor for our professional staff to manufacture durable and beautiful domestic rocking chairs.

Packing size Urjala/Home swing 114x67x112 cm 20 kg