Bearing and spring rockers

We make all our bearing and spring rockers out of Finnish raw materials using traditional carpentry. Explore our products, choose the one you like and contact us!



The popular bearing rocker has already been manufactured at Urjalan Keinukaluste for twenty years. The rocker doesn’t take up more space than an armchair and is always comfortable to sit in. With the also-rocking footstool, one can achieve the ultimate sitting comfort.



The bearing rocker Rauha combines the beautiful Kalle Rankka design with an excellent sitting position. Rauha is a modern armchair replacement, combining the proven good impacts of rocking. Rocking cheers you up and promotes health!



The classically beautiful Karoliina spring rocker that is decorated with plenty of lathe work has been produced at Urjalan Keinukaluste since the early 1980s. Since Karoliina rocks with the help of springs, it takes up less floor space than traditional runner rockers. The relatively high rocker is easy to get out of and sitting comfort is increased by the curved lower back support and shoulder board as well as the swivelling footrest.

Kehro ja Kokko

Kehro and Kokko

The most modern “siblings” amongst our spring rockers are Kehro and Kokko. Their lathe work is much plainer than on Karoliina and their top parts are identical. The rockers differ in their footrest: Kehro’s is fixed and Kokko’s swivels. The sitting position is also slightly different in the rockers.


Sauna rocker

The rocking chair meant for a terrace, balcony or sauna porch is the latest in Keinukaluste’s adult rocker production. Keinukaluste has a trade dress for the product and two patents for the rocking mechanism.

Manufacturing bearing and spring rockers

Our spring rockers include the traditional Karoliina that is decorated with ornate lathe work and the plainer Kehro and Kokko. The Sauna rocker also rocks with the help of springs. Spring rockers resemble the traditional runner rockers. Their runners are very short and are attached to the frame with springs, thus the runners rock on top of the frame. Our spring rockers’ top and bottom parts are surface-treated separately, after which they are attached to each other with springs. Karoliina and Kokko have a footrest that can be swivelled out of the way when needed using levers. Kehro has a fixed footrest.

Staining and primer coating

Because all these parts get surface-treated separately, staining requires a keen eye for colour, since the parts must be of the same tone and uniform quality. For dark colours, the parts are stained first and then given a primer coating. For light colours, the stain is mixed directly into the primer. Once the rockers have dried, they get an intermediate sanding and finally a seal coating. We use durable Tikkurila and Becker varnishes that result in a beautiful, dimly shining varnish. Sauna rockers are treated with moisture-resistant wood oil. We recycle the metal waste that results from the surface-treating products.


After the rockers have been assembled, they are equipped with upholsteries. In spring rockers, there is a plywood base under the upholstery, to make it easier to get out of the chair. Our bearing rockers have a comfortably flexible ribbed base. We have our upholsteries made through domestic subcontracting. The upholsteries’ filling is long-lastingly elastic foam rubber, and the upholstery fabrics include beautiful domestic Annala fabrics. Upholsteries designed for public spaces are made with fire-safe and moisture-resilient fabrics. Our carefully manufactured rockers are the result of solid craftsmanship, paying attention to the environment and respecting Finnish know-how.