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Runner rocking chairs last through generations

We make traditional runner rocking chairs using traditional carpentry, and out of carefully selected raw materials – Finnish birch. Explore our traditional runner rocking chairs and contact us!


Urjala rocker

The traditional Urjala rocker’s roots reach to the 19th century. It is our first and original rocking chair model. We also manufacture the Urjala rocker with a wider seat and as an imposing two-seater. The Urjala rocker is also available as a beautiful children’s rocking chair.


Koti rocker

A more slender model than the Urjala rocker, deviating from the traditional 19th century design in its simpler lathe surfaces and a straight shoulder board. The Koti rocker is made out of solid birch wood like all the rocking products of Keinukaluste.


Rebekka rocker

The newest member of the runner rockers is the light, spoke chair-like Rebekka. It also fits in smaller apartments and is comfortable for shorter rockers. Rebekka is suitable for every home, be it a student’s first flat or a traditional family home. The Rebekka rocker can be “pimped” to deliciously fit one’s own home, for example by painting it in one’s favourite colour.


Rebekka chair

The light-feel spoke chair is a sturdy elevated model, easy to get out of using the armrests. There is no fear of rocking too far back in the Rebekka chair, for it stays firmly in place!


Fuuga rocker

The Fuuga rocker is a masterpiece by designer Kalle Rankka. The rocking chair updated to the 2000s is the first product produced by Urjalan Keinukaluste that is not designed by the Saari family. Fuuga reigns with its modern look and it is incredibly comfortable to sit in!

Manufacturing runner rockers

One of the most characteristic features of a runner rocker is the beautiful lathe work that decorates the legs, leg spokes and armrest spokes of the Urjala and Koti rockers. The spoke chair-like, dainty Rebekka is the uncrowned queen of lathe work surfaces, with an amount of spokes that can make even the most experienced turner dizzy.

Designed to be used

Each rocker is unique and thus requires precision and patience. Sitting comfort and aesthetics are increased by different curved parts, such as the back surfaces, shoulder board, armrests and seat. Especially making the seat is a multistage process, including sawing, gluing and sanding – sometimes also blood, sweat and tears. Since wood is a natural material, it can act unpredictably so the assembly phase requires unflappability from the maker. The runners also require special know-how to make them rock well and last long.

Finishing touches

The surface finisher gives the rocker its finishing touch. We use high-quality surface finishing materials and recycle the metal waste they produce. For darker colours, the rocker is stained and then primer coated. For lighter colours, the stain is mixed directly in the primer varnish. When the primer varnish or paint has dried, the upright-turned wood grains are sanded down. Finally, the rocker receives another layer of sealing coat or paint.


To conclude with, the rocker can be equipped with upholstery, if the customer so wishes. We have the upholsteries made through domestic subcontracting and attach them to the rocker in our workshop. In the end, the rocker’s bottom is stamped with the manufacturing year and trademark and the rocker is ready to be sent off to the customer. Our carefully manufactured rockers are the result of solid craftsmanship, paying attention to the environment and respecting Finnish know-how.

It is a matter of honour to our skilled staff to make long-lasting and beautiful domestic rocking chairs.