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Also custom carpentry work

In addition to making rocking chairs, we do customised work and special processing for private customers as well as the construction industry. Our skilled carpenters and the modern machinery in our workshop make it possible for us to actualise even challenging wood processing solutions. Ask for more information!

Customised special work

Do you want a customised piece of furniture for your home or do you maybe want to finish your gorgeous kitchen with a lovely counter? We can also make special, customised cabinetmaker orders.

  • Furniture
  • Kitchen and bathroom counters
  • Stairs
  • Balusters

Wood components and challenging wood processing solutions

The machinery in our use can meet many wood processing challenges. Whether you are planning for new wood elements in your home or need wood parts for your company. This is all crowned by our skilled carpenters who in addition to their craftsmanship are also skilled in e.g. alpha cad and cam software. We focus on hardwood materials (deciduous trees) in our wood selection. We mostly process birch, heat-treated birch, alder and hardwoods.



The glamorous Kide is a masterpiece by Kalle Rankka and Keinukaluste, showing the innovative processing of domestic birch into a product.


The Pohjantähti chair is made with genuine joinery fittings. The table set represents poise and style and is suited for the parlour and kitchen as well as the sacristy.