Urjalan Keinukoluste is a family business that cherishes tradition

Rocking chairs are inherited from father to son in Saari family

Olavi Saari started operations after his return from the war in 1947. His son Seppo Saari also became interested in woodworking and started making rocking chairs at Kokko's old folk school. The first Urjala swings were sold to furniture stores in 1975.Petri Saari, who grew up next to his workshop, also wanted to continue the tradition of his father and grandfather. In 2004 Urjalan Rocking Furniture changed hands, but the products and production have remained traditional.

Over the years, Petri has developed the machine base and invested in product development. Now, along with traditional rocking chairs, solutions suitable for modern homes are being built. The purpose of the company is to produce products that stand out in quality and to encourage others working in the same field to pursue the same goal.

Raw materials come from local areas

We buy raw material, mainly birch wood, from forest owners in the area. We get our birch logs mainly from thinning felling and the vast majority of the wood comes from certified forest. We are also part of the development and management of forests in the surrounding areas, so that we can ensure that we also get quality birch wood for our future needs. Finland's forests have produced beautiful and sustainable wood for centuries, so we want to promote local forest management through our own activities.
Our operations are ecological
We take into account ecology both in the woodworking phase and in the factory environment. Our work does not cause any harmful emissions into nature or water bodies, and we also do not generate noise in the neighbourhood.
We reuse porridge as heating energy
We use the wood chips and porridge from woodworking along the chewing pipes or through the chopper to the heating centre, where we use it as biofuel. With this energy, we heat the entire plant, as well as two houses.
We produce little waste
We recycle all metal debris from surface treatment materials and cardboard from packaging materials. We also dispose of used batteries and other problem waste appropriately by delivering them to collection points.

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Urjalan Keinukaluste is the leading Finnish woodworking company in terms of quality. We manufacture our products entirely by hand and 100% from domestic raw materials. Get in touch!